Jepsen Inc. Structural Services

Jepsen Inc. started out as a carpentry sub-contractor. Mostly working on residential and commercial remodeling projects. Many of these projects required structural services, such as shoring and or jacking. Soon we got known as the go to company for buildings that needed extensive structural services.

This lead to contractors asking if we would just do the shoring, lifting and leveling of structures. It wasn’t long and our structural shoring, lifting and leveling became the bulk of our work and we were doing some of the heaviest and most complex shoring around. Now we bring confidence, knowledge, and experience to any size of job. Our vast array equipment and history of bring solutions to jobs have made us an industry leader for structural services. Our pictures speak for themselves.

Our Equipment

A brief summary of the equipment and tools we use, click or tap any given item to expand for additional information.
*A kip is an Imperial unit of force. It equals 1000 pounds-force, used primarily by American architects and engineers to measure engineering loads.

Buckingham hydraulic shore posts are the only shore posts which have been made for lifting. With a load rating of 20 kips each and able to monitor how much load is applied to each post.

We own some of the largest steel beams in the area, up to 75’ long at 150 pounds per foot. We use our bolt up pocketed beams for unlimited length at over 200 pounds per foot.

We have a wide variety of Whitney column clamps, some of which were co-designed by Jepsen Inc..

We have a massive inventory of tilt-up wall bracing to shore and support walls of all sizes, the image above is an excellent visual example.

These scaffold type shoring systems consist of high strength shoring bucks that setup with simple components such as screw jacks, base plates, u-heads and cross braces.

Locking ring hydraulic jacks rated from 30 to 55 tons.

We use the highest quality hydraulic jacks and accessories available to facilitate a safe and efficient process.

A screw jack is used to apply a force, push and pull, or move to a position and hold by mechanically converting rotary motion into linear motion.

Jepsen Inc. uses state of the art hydraulic jacking systems which are used mainly to jack, hoist, lift or move any type of structure.

Shoring and Jacking equipment is inherently heavy and slow to deploy unless, like us, you have the trucks, tractors, heavy equipment and skilled team to efficiently mobilize it.